With the advancement in technology, a significant amount of attention should be paid to ensure security and confidentiality of users when accessing applications. Therefore, there should be a proper way to manage digital identities across multiple applications. This concept is known as user provisioning.

User provisioning is the process of creating and maintaining digital identities (user accounts) in one or more systems and assigning appropriate privileges to them.

In traditional applications, in order to support user provisioning, it is needed to have multiple connectors for each service, thus resulting in a high cost and increased complexity. As a solution, SCIM…

Neural Machine Translation (NMT) is the current state-of-the-art machine translation technique which produces fluent translations. However, NMT models are affected by the Out of Vocabulary (OOV) and Rare word problems, thus it degrades the translation quality. OOV words are the words that are not appearing in the corpus and rare words are the words which appear very few times in the corpus. When translating such unknown words, those words are replaced with UNK tokens. Therefore, translations become worse since these meaningless tokens increase the ambiguity by breaking the sentence structure.

Character segmentation is a technique used in machine translation to…

Java Database Connectivity

Today, it is hard to find an application which doesn’t use data. Therefore, it has become essential for many applications to obtain a connection to a relational database. One of the most common ways of creating a database connection is using a datasource and configuring a JDBC driver. ‘Agroal’ is the datasource and connection pool configuration management extension used in Quarkus for JDBC programs. It is a modern connection pool implementation and integrates well with transaction, security and other systems of Quarkus.

What is a connection pool?

A connection pool is a set of reusable connections for a database. Since creating a new connection is…

Can you remember the age where the developers were only concerned with developing an application in a single deploy and ready? But today, they have to work with multiple servers and technologies and have to pay attention for the communication between servers.

Considering Wildfly , Glassfish , WebSphere or WebLogic servers, they consume a huge computational resource just to boot and have a slow startup process. Also, have various xml files for the resources consumed in the application. With the RedHat’s Thorntail (new name for Wildfly-Swarm), it was able to deliver the application through a fat jar. It bundles everything…

Rashmini Naranpanawa

Software Engineer @WSO2 | Undergraduate @Department of Computer Science and Engineering, University of Moratuwa

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